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The story of Pietre Vive began in the year 2005, when Nicola and Alessandra Guerrini decided to buy a property in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, a few kilometers from Siena, between the Chianti and the Crete Senesi, with the intention of transforming it into a family home, a place to raise their three children, Gioele, Gioia and Mattia, and live with grandmother Luciana (Ciana).

They immediately set about restoring what appeared then to be just a tumbled down ruin, seeking to keep the original structure intact while transforming the old building into something completely new and creating a welcoming and hospitable space.

Here we already see the two basic principles that their entire business is base on; family and change!

Beginning within their own home their enterprise has developed over time in various directions: from the restaurant, which occupies the ground floor of the building, extending out onto the large lawn in front, to cooking classes, which take place in the family kitchen, to truffle hunts, organized with experienced truffle hunters and their dogs in the nearby woods on their property.

Year by year, Le Pietre Vive has increasingly grown into a warm, comforting place, where people will feel more like welcome guests than clients, and where, above all, everyone will feel truly welcomed and part of our community.

Indeed, the watchword that has accompanied the work of the Guerrini family, right from the beginning, has always been : “Do not forget to be hospitable, for some, by doing so, have unknowingly shown hospitality to angels.” (Hebrews 13:2)

Today, together with their children, in a great team effort, Nicola and Alessandra are striving to keep up with changes and improve every aspect of the services offered, believing very much in the possibility of always reaching new goals.

In all this they are assisted by the conscious choice of a very young staff, with fresh, enthusiastic personalities with a great desire to learn and grow, creating a team that builds relationships and is actually a bit like a big family!

All together Nicola, Alessandra, Gioele, Gioia, Mattia, Nonna (grandma) Ciana and their precious collaborators are the Pietre Vive, the “Living Stones” of this construction and they work hard and tirelessly to improve the business and the services offered, doing their utmost so that guests can really reap and appreciate the fruits … and enjoy something much more than an experience of our Tuscan territory; a true experience of personal growth in this family setting.

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Bed and Breakfast

Relax in a charming apartment nestled among the Sienese hills, for a unique experience.

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Experience the best of traditional and revisited Tuscan cuisine, created with delicious local ingredients, at the “Le Pietre Vive” restaurant in Monteaperti.

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Cooking Classes

Immerse yourself in tradition italian cooking, for a truly unique experience.

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Le Api di Gioia

Try our own artisan honeys. Discover the authentic flavours of Le Pietre Vive‘s local beekeeping tradition.

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Truffle Hunting

Experience the unique thrill of hunting truffles with wonderful expert truffle dogs… brought to you by Le Pietre Vive.

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Come and discover the true Tuscan tradition at Le Pietre Vive Farm in Monteaperti… Experience an authentic Italian cooking lesson with Nonna Ciana or Chef Alberto; share in one of the oldest Tuscan traditions by truffle hunting in the woods with a local expert hunter and his dogs; indulge in local or homemade products such as Honey, Wine, Truffles, and delicious food.

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